IRS Levies & Seizures

Levies can really do a lot of damage and even ruin your life. A levy is the IRS's way of getting your immediate attention. What they are saying is, we have tried to communicate with you but you have ignored us. Levies are used to seize your wages and whatever other assets you have. If you own it, they can take it. That includes checking accounts, autos, stocks, bonds, paychecks, and even Social Security checks!

One method is a wage levy (or garnishment) from your pay check each and every week until the debt is paid.  If that doesn't accomplish what they want, they'll seize your assets, and sell them at auction. That includes everything you own; home, cars, boats, jewelry, motorcycles, insurance polices, retirement funds, anything of value.

We can help you get those levies released and get out of this terrible situation. Our goal is to get you square with the IRS, with what you can afford, and let you start life anew.

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