History of the Firm

The Firm was founded in Knoxville, TN by Miles Siegel in 1949, making us one of the oldest firms in the Knoxville area.

The Firm was founded on the theory that our clients want more than accounting and tax services - that they also want guidance and a plan which will help them to do better in the future.  In keeping with this tradition, our accountants begin as generalists and learn as much as they can by doing all types of tax work as well as the various levels of accounting services.  Our goal is for our accountants to be able to offer consulting and advisory services to clients early in their careers, even if it is only answering the bookkeeper's simple questions regarding payroll tax returns or how to book the sale of an asset.  After certification and two or three years of experience, staff members are encouraged to select one or two areas in which to develop special expertise.  Then, other members of the team may call on them for assistance in that area as it is needed.

Since its inception, the Firm has grown from a sole proprietorship to a staff size, generally consisting of 3 administrative and 9 CPA /Paraprofessionals.  The Firm currently provides services to businesses and individuals in the areas detailed on our services page.

As the Firm continues to grow and mature, we remain true to our fundamental goal of assisting our clients in doing better what they are in business to do.  This means listening to our clients and learning what it is they really want and what problems they face.

Our client base provides an ever-widening variety of challenges to our staff and demands the highest standards of professional competence.  The professionals at The Firm are encouraged to assume a leadership position quickly, because the faster you reach your potential, the faster the Firm can expand its capabilities.

LeRoy Bible, the managing director until December 31, 2007 joined the Firm in 1972, and in 1976, became Siegel's first and only partner.  From 1976 until late 1980, the Firm operated under the name Miles Siegel and Company, at which time the firm changed its name to Siegel, Bible and Company, CPAs. When Siegel died in April, 1981, the Firm dropped the "and Company". Marge Niemann became a partner in 1984.  In late 1987, Marge and LeRoy incorporated under the name of Bible, Niemann CPAs, P.C. 

Effective July 1, 1988, Ron May became a shareholder/director in the Firm.

On January 1, 1989, the Firm became a member of BKR International, a world-wide affiliation of accounting firms, which today is comprised of more than 160 independent accounting and business advisory firms in over 500 offices and 80 countries.

In November 1990, the Firm became a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the AICPA Division for CPA firms.

On July 1, 1992, Kevin MacLeay and Shirley Harris became shareholders/directors in the Firm, and on October 1, 1992, the name was changed to Bible, MacLeay, May, Harris & Niemann, P.C.

Marge Niemann and Ron May retired from the firm on May 1, 1994 and August 2, 1995, respectively.  The name adopted at that time was Bible, MacLeay, Harris, P.C.

Kevin MacLeay became controller for one of the firm’s manufacturing clients and left the firm on June 22, 1996.

Janice Smith became a shareholder/director on January 1, 1998 at which time the firm’s name became Bible Harris Smith, P.C.  While with the Firm, Janice was president of TSCPA before retiring in 2014.

On December 31, 2007, LeRoy Bible relinquished his ownership in the firm, but continues a presence in the office on a regular basis to service clients as he has done for years.

On January 1, 2014 Bill Snyder became a shareholder/director in the firm after years of service to Bible Harris Smith, P.C.

On January 1, 2015 Sean Brewer, a CPA with 17+ years experience in the Knoxville market, became a shareholder/director in the firm.

Currently the firm has 3 shareholders – Shirley J. Harris, Managing Director, Bill Snyder, Director of Accounting and Auditing, and Sean W. Brewer, Director of Taxation.